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Paul has a plethora of crypto products and services for companies and individuals to help you navigate with confidence and succeed in the cryptocurrency industry.

Crypto Marketing Coach

Welcome to, by Paul Democritou - The Crypto Factor.

Here, you have the exclusive opportunity to book personalized one-on-one coaching sessions with Paul as an individual.

Gain the competitive edge and discover new ways to effectively promote your company's message through Paul's extensive experience in alternative and guerrilla marketing strategies.

In addition, explore Paul's online courses and product offerings below, designed to further enhance your crypto journey.

Don't miss the chance to unlock your true potential in the crypto world. Schedule a one-on-one consultation with Paul today and empower yourself with the knowledge and insights needed to thrive in this exciting industry.

What people are saying

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Paul showed flawless cooperation, formality, zealousness and ethos. He truly is a remarkable person and inspiration and we highly recommend him for any type of cooperation be it motivational or sales orientated.

- Theodore Chouliaras BOD President, Upmaritime London LTD

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Paul had the right work ethic, the right values. and the drive and ability to succeed many times over. I’d watched his videos and read the early manuscripts. So it was a pleasure to both write the foreword for his book and to begin work on writing Closers Part 3 with him, as well as work on future projects.

- Ben Gay III C.E.O. & Best Selling Author, LJR Group, Inc

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Paul Democritou is the most inspiring & talented person I’ve ever met. He can easily transform the way you manage your life & business so you can find happiness & success! Even during his disease, he remained calm, strong & creative. Keep on inspiring Paul!

- Panos Gounas C.E.O. CNC Training Center, Europe

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Paul helped take our business to the next level and I highly recommend him.

- Stoyan Angelov, Founder & CEO of Evedo. Co-founder of Locktrip

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Paul’s Knowledge and tried tested skills in sales and marketing combined with his passion, know-how and hands on experience in the crypto industry make him one of the key ‘go-to’ experts in the industry.

- Nick Assimenos, Manager, Institutional & Corporate Partnerships, Institute for the Future (IFF), University of Nicosia (UNIC)

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Paul is an authority in the field of sales and marketing withing the blockchain and digital currency space, it was an honor to have him on stage in Athens during Decentralized 2019 and we look forward to hearing from Paul again at out next event.

- Socrates Minas, Business Operations Manager D-Core

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“Paul entered the crypto industry with a flourish, and in just two years he has interviewed and worked with pioneers and some of the most successful people and companies in the crypto industry. Success leaves clues, right? If you’re looking to get your marketing ducks in a row, I recommend you read his books.”

Joel Comm, Cryptocurrency Evangelist, Brand Influencer, co-host Bad Crypto Podcast & 15-time best-selling author.

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Paul has outstanding knowledge and wisdom regarding video marketing in the blockchain industry. He has brought so much value and we are thankful for his services.

Derek Jones, CEO United Coin

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Booked my first session with Paul, and i must admit, it is better than i expected. Paul is very humble, intelligent, logical, and gives you the right information. Whether its Crypto, your investment portfolio, market analysis, BTC analysis, Sales & marketing, he won't let you go till you are satisfied with his coaching. Looking forward for my next sessions!!

- Louay Jasser

About Paul

With over 25 years of experience in sales, marketing, and consumer psychology, Paul is a trusted expert in the crypto industry. Since 2017, he has been actively involved as an investor, trader, and has held influential positions in successful companies within the space. As an accomplished author, public speaker, and host of the popular YouTube channel "The Crypto Factor" boasting over 35,000 subscribers, Paul is dedicated to helping individuals like you navigate the crypto space, answer your burning questions, and ensure you make the most out of this dynamic industry.

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