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Unleash these powerful techniques to manipulate human psychology to supercharge your influence and drive attention to your project. They work no matter what kind of technology you are promoting, no matter what social media platforms you are using, and no matter what budget you have.

Learn how to start advertising on a shoestring budget and scale at will. Crypto Marketing Essentials teaches you how to create sales copy, design briefs, and marketing strategies that work effectively today.

  • How to create powerful ads and brand consistency
  • How to win trust and Influence people
  • Proven psychological persuasion hacks to compel people to respond
  • Sales science strategies for writing effective copy
  • Things you should always/never do in your marketing

Paul Democritou, a powerhouse author, entrepreneur, and consultant, has been training sales and marketing teams on consumer psychology for more than 25 years. He was the youngest and most sought-after sales and marketing trainer for some of the largest timeshare companies in Greece. After a career as an entertainer and a video producer/director, he returned to his passion and pivoted into sales, marketing, and video production for companies in and out of the blockchain industry.

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